As Twitchy reported yesterday, Obamacare insurer Anthem Blue Cross has been inundated with vituperative tweets complaining about payments not going through, waiting on hold for hours before being hung up on, and having to pay out of pocket for prescriptions. It now appears that Anthem Blue Cross was just the tip of the customer service disaster iceberg. At least one other large Calif. insurer — Blue Shield California — is receiving similar complaints.

Only 48 minutes? She’s one of the lucky ones.

At least they got put on hold. Some consumers didn’t even get that far:

The whole mess is enough to make someone sick:

We thought Obamacare meant not having to worry about insurers canceling your plan. Silly us:

Pretty much everyone in California has about had it. Even YouTube stars:

A reality TV star:

A best-selling author:

And a PR guru:

The insurer has repeatedly apologized:

However, not everyone is in a forgiving mood:

Well, some of us expected something like this.