Oliver Willis, a research fellow at Media Matters, is apparently pretty angry at all of us meany-pants conservatives for sabotaging the Obama administration’s awesome health insurance exchange website. And he’s not alone.



Please open an investigation to potential sabotage of the ACA website by obstructionist politicians and political groups

This petition will be submitted to The President, Justice Dept, and both houses of congress showing all three branches The People of the USA have deep concerns that something suspicious is responsible for the website failures from the roll out of The ACA Law, and expansion of healthcare coverage for millions of Americans who have been denied access to insurance prior to 10/1/2013 and we want answers.

Here are some tweeters who are promoting this incredible petition:

They want answers. Sane Twitter users are happy to oblige:


So far, a total of 53 HealthCare.gov Truthers have signed the petition. They’re not saying HealthCare.gov was definitely sabotaged, mind you. They just want answers.

It’s a good thing Obamacare provides mental health coverage.