As Fox News’ Jim Angle notes, many people with pre-existing conditions have been able to obtain health insurance through state-run high-risk pools. Some of the pools, however, are closing at the end of the year, and AP reports that it is unclear whether enrollees will be able to obtain new coverage by that date. One enrollee, Kelly Bachi of Oklahoma, is worried that she will have to discontinue her treatment for breast cancer:

“I’m scared. I’m in the middle of my cancer treatment, and if my insurance ends, I’m going to have to cancel the rest of my treatment,” said Kelly Bachi, an Oklahoma boat repair business owner who has breast cancer and is covered through a pool.

Cancer treatment without insurance would cost her about $500,000, she said.

Bachi has not been able to enroll via the federal website, although not for lack of trying. She attempted to sign up half a dozen times and was eventually able to create an account but was later blocked from accessing the account.

How many thousands of Kelly Bachis are out there?

President Obama has often talked about ensuring that Americans who have pre-existing conditions can obtain health insurance:

Those words must sound a bit hollow to Kelly Bachi right now, but by focusing on people like her we’re guilty of sensationalizing the news, right Jay Carney?

By the way, high-risk pool plans tend to be quite expensive. Even so, enrollees who are able to obtain new coverage through Obamacare may find themselves paying more.

Ain’t “affordable” care grand?


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