Because only Republicans are hateful. Riiiight.


Liberal civility: Howard Dean compares Mitt Romney to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

New tone? Death wishes, threats of ‘If you vote for Romney, I’ll kill you,’ we ‘will f*ck sh*t up’ if he wins

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Civility! Gov. Granholm on GOP convention delay: ‘Guess God has ways to shut that whole thing down’

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New civility: Obama supporters threaten to riot if Romney wins; Update: Deleted tweets

Liberal civility cops silent after Joy Behar says she wants to see Mitt Romney’s ‘house burn’

Civility alert: Obama supporters urge Stacey Dash to kill herself; Update: Deleted tweet

‘Die b*tch!’: George W. Bush’s heart surgery brings out death wishes, nastygrams

New tone: Bullying anti-bully Dan Savage wants to see Romney’s ‘liver and spleen’

Civility? Author Katie Pavlich’s brother has car vandalized, keyed over Romney sticker; More reports pour in

‘New tone’ alert: Texas Dem deletes ‘tasteless’ tweet about Dick Cheney and abortion

Dan Savage’s husband says it’s OK to call gay conservatives ‘f*ggots’ because they’re ‘used to being kicked around’

GOP War on Women? Lefty author Terry McMillan threatens to ‘smack’ Sarah Palin

Minn. state Rep. Ryan Winkler calls Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, claims he didn’t know it was offensive

David Axelrod embraces ‘new tone’: Those tea party types opposed to Common Core sure are morons

New tone? Liberals unleash hater-ade on ‘stupid rednecks’ who voted for Mark Sanford; Update: The h8 keeps coming

New tone? Mich. Democrat threatens violence over right-to-work vote; ‘There will be blood’; Update: Mich. Dems proudly tweet violence threat; Update: Video added; Thugs follow-through; AFP tent stormed, Steven Crowder punched

New tone: DCCC launches site branding GOP ‘hostage takers’

New tone: Dead pig wrapped in Romney shirt left outside GOP office

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