Late Wednesday night, the people responsible for Nevada’s health insurance exchange bragged about enrolling “multiple” people in its Obamacare health plan.

Yes, “multiple.” As in “more than one.” No word on the percentage of enrollees named “Henderson.”

Businessweek acknowledges that the website has had some technical glitches but insists that the exchange has “generally been running well.”

Businessweek also says the website’s hot line was flooded with calls immediately after launch, which sane people might interpret as evidence that the site was not in fact running well.

Some of the callers were so upset that they were literally crying.

To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, that is proof positive not that the website is a piece of crap but that Obamacare is working really, really well:

Perhaps he is auditioning to be a professor of logic at Common Core University.

In related news, Sen. Reid claims that 9 million people have enrolled in Obamacare, which is probably overstating the actual number by about 8.9999 million.

And where exactly did he get that number? From the same guy who told him Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years?


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