Hot off the heels of yesterday’s assassination suggestion, Cher is now accusing Tea Partyers of carrying out an ongoing terrorist attack against the citizens of the United States. Cher claims to have the support of unnamed European journalists and economists, who despise and fear Tea Partyers so much that they call them “t-hadists.” (Paul Krugman moved to Europe?)

But Cher didn’t stop there. She seems to think that Tea Party “cretins” are also threatening the European Union:

Because people in Spain, Italy, and Greece think Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is the #1 threat to their safety and economic vitality. Or something.

When it comes to a Cher rant, nobody is safe. Even legendary investor Warren Buffett got dragged into this one:

We’ve spent a lot of time deciphering Cher’s crazed tweets over the last year and a half, and we’d like to think we’re getting pretty good at it. But there are times when even experienced translators like us have to throw up our hands and admit defeat:

Just a few days ago, we thought she seemed to be showing tiny glimmers of intelligence. How embarrassing for us! Clearly, we won’t make that mistake again.