During the past several days, tens of thousands of Twitter spambots — that is, bogus Twitter accounts under the control of an unknown person or persons — have begun following conservative bloggers Patrick Frey (“Patterico”), Robert Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker (“Aaron Worthing”), and Bill Hoge.

At least two of the four bloggers informed Twitter of the attacks:

What do all four bloggers have in common? They have all been outspoken critics of convicted felon Brett Kimberlin:

Kimberlin recently sued Walker, Hoge, and McCain.

Frey considers the sock puppet accounts nothing more than a minor irritant:

At least two of the other bloggers (Walker and McCain), however, responded to the attacks by temporarily protecting their Twitter accounts, meaning that only confirmed followers were able to view their tweets.  Both Walker and McCain are highly active Twitter users who have spent a lot of time building up their Twitter followings.

We hope Twitter will resolve this matter promptly.