The job market under President Obama remains tight, and a lot of part-time workers are looking for ways to fill their time and supplement their incomes. So it’s good to know, thanks to AMC television series “Breaking Bad,” that there are many lucrative career paths still open to our nation’s budding entrepreneurs:

If a career as a meth cook doesn’t work out, don’t worry. You can always become the head of a drug cartel:

Or a manicurist:

So Badass. The woman's got the #BreakingBad #manicure with #blueice

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Awesome #breakingbad themed #mani spotted on my cashier! #nails #nailart

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Or an artist:

And here’s something to get our nation’s youth even more excited for the series’ final season, which begins this Sunday:

In real life, of course, meth addiction is a large (and growing) problem. Some Twitter users are curious what real-world meth cooks think of the show:

We’re betting the real Walter White isn’t a fan:

As you know, Twitchy doesn’t often say nice things about Hollywood. But even we have to admit that “Breaking Bad” is simply awesome, and we doubt it has inspired anyone to pursue a life of crime. If you’d like a quick and funny reminder of the past five seasons and why everyone loves the show, take a look at this video:

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