And the mystery of Secretary of State John Kerry’s whereabouts yesterday continues!

Last we heard from the State Department, Sec. Kerry arrived in Washington DC yesterday morning at 4 a.m. and worked diligently all day on the situation in Egypt. It is unclear whether the State Department is saying Kerry stayed in DC the entire day or if at some point he traveled to Nantucket. In any case, he was not goofing off on a boat, a State Dept. spokesperson insists.

A number of people, however, say they saw him in the Nantucket marina or Sound on, yes, a boat. There’s the tweet from Sam Hodges, above. And let’s not forget these three tweets, published yesterday:

That’s a total of four tweets saying Kerry was on his boat.

Another possible sighting occurred on land, not far from the marina:

And still another Twitter user said Kerry is rumored to be attending a 4th of July celebration on Nantucket today:

It is possible that all these people are mistaken. Some of the reports are second-hand.

It is also possible that Kerry is on Nantucket but worked the whole time he was there and never set foot on his boat. But why leave DC  just as the situation in Egypt was exploding?

Like we said, the mystery continues.


The Boston Herald has a photo of Kerry on Nantucket today, “after taking  in some 4th of July festivities”:

Secretary of State John Kerry is spending a sun-splashed Fourth of July on Nantucket, even as a chaotic overthrow of the government rocks Egypt and continues to test diplomatic relations in Washington.

Kerry, who has a house and a yacht on the ritzy island getaway, was seen strolling down Federal Street away from July Fourth festivities on Main Street, a source told the Herald.


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