Memo to President Obama: When even hard-left libs like David Sirota and Al Gore are turning against you, it’s not a good sign.


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., calls NSA surveillance program ‘an outrageous violation of Americans’ privacy rights’

Greg Gutfeld blasts Obama administration over NSA surveillance scandal

‘Obscenely outrageous’: Al Gore fury over report of Obama administration blanket surveillance

Jackass David Sirota: Sequester partly to blame for havoc wreaked by Okla. tornadoes

David Sirota: Workplace deaths make Texas ground zero of corporate terrorism

David Sirota wrestles with Big Meat, calls out GOP carnivores over subsidized burgers

David Sirota: ‘Shoud be obvious’ I don’t have anything against whites

David Sirota says conservatives shouldn’t show sympathy for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Salon contributor David Sirota has fingers crossed for white male marathon bomber

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