If you find this claim hard to believe, good for you.

The “$7 in savings per dollar invested” stat is based on a single, tiny early childhood experiment inYpsilanti, Mich., in the 1960s (the Perry preschool program). Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute notes,

Out of the literally hundreds of preschool studies conducted in the past half-century, the Perry results are not representative and have never been reproduced on a national or even a state level. In fact, an earnest experimental effort to reproduce them for just a few hundred children at eight locations failed despite an annual investment of $32,000 per child, adjusted for inflation—far more than the President currently contemplates spending … Indeed the largest, best designed, most recent studies of federal pre-K efforts were published by the Obama administration itself: the Head Start Impact Studies. These studies find little or no net lasting benefit to federal pre-K.

What is it with the Left and phony social science statistics?