Tonight, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to proudly display his bigotry against law-abiding gun owners.

It started when Morgan’s CNN colleague Dana Loesch tweeted that she had taken some friends to her gun range earlier today.

My AR-15 with standard capacity mag to the side there.

Loesch did not violate any law. She is a responsible, law-abiding gun owner.

Nevertheless, Morgan had some issues:

Wait. What?

Let’s spell out Morgan’s logic:

  1. Dana Loesch is a law-abiding owner.
  2. Nancy Lanza was a law-abiding gun-owner.
  3. Therefore, Dana Loesch is like Nancy Lanza.
  4. By implication, Loesch’s children are potential mass murderers. Just like Newtown, Conn., shooter Adam Lanza!

When Loesch questioned Morgan’s logic, he doubled down:

Of course, every criminal is law-abiding up until the moment he or she commits a crime. It’s tautological. One could just as easily argue that since serial rapists are law-abiding initially, all law-abiding people must be viewed as potential serial rapists.

It is, in short, an insipid, utterly pointless attack on Loesch and her family.

This much is clear: Sneering Musket Morgan is not just content to stand on the graves of dead children in the name of gun control. He’ll happily smear the parents and children of any law-abiding, gun-owning family who dare to defend and enjoy their Second Amendent rights publicly.

Meanwhile, he continues to lionize a gun-loving, violence-glorifying rapper who has had multiple run-ins with the law.

That’s liberal “logic” for you.

Editor’s note: The typo in the headline has been fixed.