Occupy Wall Street activist Taylor Hall attended a May Day protest yesterday. This morning, Hall tweeted this video out to his Twitter followers along with this statement: “Wow they caught me punching a #cop at 3:35, nice!”

Hall, who identifies himself as a Marxist Leninist Socialist, subsequently deleted his tweet, but not before Twitchy was able to capture it for posterity.

Hall also posted the video to his Facebook page, along with this note: “Please watch and enjoy…”

One of Hall’s Facebook friends replied, “FTP!! Thanks for the Block, LOL”

To which Hall responded: “lol yea…..something like that.”

thanks for the block

In related news, Hall was excited this morning to learn of a separate video showing him kicking a “nazi”:

It appears that Hall has been arrested at least twice in connection with his Occupy activism — once in Pittsburgh and once in Washington DC:


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Correction, 11:40am ET:

An initial version of this article stated that the police-punching incident occurred in Seattle. It occurred in Washington DC. We regret the error.