Boston marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev (now deceased) reportedly bought two mortar kits from a New Hampshire fireworks store in February.

It is possible, as Fox News host Geraldo Rivera suggests, that the bombers harvested gunpowder from fireworks for their bombs. Then again, it is also possible they did not do so. 

Via AP:

The amount of gunpowder that could be harvested from the kits — less than a pound and a half — would not have been enough to detonate the Boston bombs, company Vice President William Weimer said, although it’s possible some of that powder may have been used.

The absence of colored smoke in the Boston explosions and other special effects powders mixed in with the fireworks’ blast powder suggests the bombers sought and used an alternate fuel source, he said.

“My suspicion is they experimented with this, decided they couldn’t get enough powder out of them and went to look for another fuel,” Weimer said.

Jumping to premature conclusions seems to be Geraldo’s specialty.

By the way, the bombers used pressure cookers, nails, and ball bearings. Geraldo hasn’t called for bans on those items. Not yet, anyway.


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