He’s right. Under the “Gang of Eight” amnesty plan supported by Sen. Marco Rubio, illegal aliens would be eligible for “provisional” legal status in six months. Moreover, the Department of Homeland Security would need to submit two plans to Congress: one describing how they will secure the border and another describing where border fencing should be built.

Here’s an example of reporting that Team Amnesty considers exemplary:

“The department will have six months to present a plan to begin securing the border and identify where more border fencing might be required. No immigrants would be allowed to apply for “registered provisional immigrant” legal status — which would allow them to live and work here legally, as well as travel outside the country — until both plans are complete.” (Ashley Parker, “Immigration Overhaul Proposal Is Likely to Ignite Fierce Debate,” The New York Times, 4/16/13)

To recap: DHS has to submit two plans to Congress. And the process of legalizing illegal aliens will begin in six months after the bill is signed into law, not right away.

We feel soooo much better.


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