Just last night, talk radio giant Mark Levin, polite but firm, interviewed Sen. Marco Rubio about the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill.

Apparently, Rubio did not close the sale. This morning Levin took to Twitter and Facebook to say “count me out.” He links to a post at ALIPAC that calls Rubio a “slick used car salesman” and (rightly) calls the bill amnesty:

Rubio talked fast, like a slick used car salesman, but sounded nervous at times, and also didn’t make sense at times (such as when he talked about how Americans wages are being depressed — blatantly ignoring how his amnesty scheme would flood the labor market and drive down Americans wages even more). But Rubio obviously has pro-amnesty talking points down pat about E-Verify (but neglected to mention the long phase in period for this) and other things. And of course, Rubio neglected to mention the big loopholes in his amnesty bill.

A few months ago, Levin had been more receptive to Rubio’s proposal. We’re delighted he has come around.


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