Exxon employs thousands of engineers and geologists. Naturally, it is concerned about the quality of the U.S. educational system.

Like many large corporations, Exxon believes the Obama-Jeb Bush -Bill Gates-backed Common Core scheme will improve education. Reality check: This top-down federalization of academic standards and testing will do just the opposite not only for math education, but across the pedagogical board.

Today, Exxon aired pro-Common Core ads during the Masters golf tournament.

Informed parents, activists, and educators gave the edu-propaganda a big, fat “F.”

Even Twitter users who don’t oppose Common Core were turned off:

Consumers have choices about where to buy gas. Some say it is time to do business with a company other than Exxon:



Glenn Beck exposes Exxon Mobil:  You’ll never guess who is supporting Common Core…

Lachlan Markay shed light last year:  ExxonMobil Promotes Administration’s Effort to Nationalize Education

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