For once we agree. It really is beyond her.

We’d send her the ten arguments against Bloomberg offered up earlier today by Forbes contributor Larry Bell, but it’s clear she’s not interested in a discussion.


Looks like we sold Barkin short. To her credit, she was able to engage in civil discussion with a Second Amendment supporter:

This is a bit of a climbdown. In her initial tweet, Barkin said she was unable to comprehend why anyone would oppose gun control. Here, she allows that reasonable people can disagree.

That is another big concession. Many of the gun control measures being contemplated on Capitol Hill would not have prevented the Newtown, Conn., shooting. The shooter, Adam Lanza, used weapons he stole from his mother, so improved background checks wouldn’t have helped. A ban on “assault weapons” or a ban on high-capacity magazines probably wouldn’t have made much difference, either.

The discussion continued:

We doubt Barkin changed her mind about the need for gun control, but give her credit for discussing the issue in a civil manner.


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