Former WWE star Chris Masters saved his mother’s life Tuesday night after an insane neighbor locked himself in Masters’ mom’s home and set it afire.

Masters, whose real name is Chris Mordetzky, has been tweeting about the incident.

Immediately afterwards, he said that the crazed neighbor “got his from me” and was subsequently taken to jail:

Masters gained entrance to the burning home in dramatic fashion, by ripping a tree out of the ground and throwing it into one of the windows.

Pulled down a tree to bust my moms windows open and get her out of the house.

He posted several photos of the aftermath of the devastating fire:

The devastation


Masters declined to be specific about what he may or may not have done to the maniac who set the fire:

Earlier today, Masters posted this touching tribute to his mom:

Happy birthday to my Mama

He claims to be surprised by national media interest in his story:

Nonsense. Masters is a hero and deserves all the attention coming his way.

Hat tip: @SpaceRacer423