New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is on the receiving end of a lot of mockery today after he admitted that he signed a law mandating gun magazines that do not exist:

The gun-control law, approved in January, banned the sale of magazines that hold more than seven rounds of ammunition. But, Mr. Cuomo said Wednesday, seven-round magazines are not widely manufactured. And, although the new gun law provided an exemption for the use of 10-round magazines at firing ranges and competitions, it did not provide a legal way for gun owners to purchase such magazines.

As a result, he said, he and legislative leaders were negotiating language that would continue to allow the sale of magazines holding up to 10 rounds, but still forbid New Yorkers from loading more than 7 rounds into those magazines.

Twitter users and bloggers were aware of the problem immediately after Gov. Cuomo signed the bill into law.

On January 16, 2013, we wrote:

New York’s new gun law imposes a seven-round magazine capacity limit on handguns.

As Anna Rittgers notes, “there are blindingly few semiautomatic handguns manufactured to hold magazines with a maximum capacity of only seven rounds.”

Even worse, the law signed by Gov. Cuomo did not provide an exemption for law enforcement officers.

Perhaps this will be an object lesson in how not to draft legislation.

We hope so.