A jury found former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick guilty of numerous crimes:

Jurors convicted Kilpatrick of a raft of crimes, including a racketeering conspiracy charge. He was portrayed during a five-month trial as an unscrupulous politician who took bribes, rigged contracts and lived far beyond his means while in office until fall 2008.

Prosecutors said Kilpatrick ran a “private profit machine” out of Detroit’s City Hall. The government presented evidence to show he got a share of the spoils after ensuring that Bobby Ferguson’s excavating company was awarded millions in work from the water department.

Notwithstanding the jury’s verdict, many Twitter users still think Kilpatrick is an innocent man:

Some acknowledge Kilpatrick is guilty, but insist he conducted himself no differently than most other politicians:

If you want to see something really depressing, search Twitter for “free Kwame.”