Well, it’s an interesting theory. But back in the real world, Canadians and others are calling B.S.

First, the poverty rate in Canada is nowhere near 1 percent.



Second, many Canadians do in fact lock their doors.


Crime is a serious problem in Vancouver:


From the linked article:

A new report has given Vancouver a dubious honour: the highest break-in rate of all major Canadian and American cities, nearly four times that of New York City.

Last year, Vancouver recorded more than 1,100 break-ins per 100,000 residents while New York City had just over 300.

The numbers are contained in the annual report by the B.C. Progress Board, which showed Vancouver had the second-highest combined violent and property crime rate among all major cities in Canada and the United States.

As for the notion that poverty causes crime (an argument frequently put forth by the Left), it is not supported by empirical data.

In short, Moore has no idea what he is talking about.



Moore now admits he was wrong about pretty much everything.

He corrects his incorrect tweet about the poverty rate:

He acknowledges that crime is a problem in Canada:

And he notes that Canadians do lock their doors:

It’s all Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s fault, of course, which doesn’t really explain why so many Canadians keep electing Conservatives.