As Free Republic noted yesterday, an army of spambots has been polluting Twitter with tweets promoting a hashtag for Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show. Twitchy covered the story here.

It appears that similar spambots have been promoting other MSNBC shows, not just Maddow’s:

Twitchy looked at about a dozen of these accounts and noted some common characteristics. First, most (not all) have small numbers of tweets and small numbers of followers, suggesting that they probably are not bona fide Twitter users.

Second, most (not all) of the profiles link to a service called Followers Delivery. The service claims to sell 100,000 Twitter followers for $320. It also sells Facebook likes and YouTube views.

Consider, for example, the account of “Sally McCalley” aka twitter user @Shonnasdxo.  She has two followers and has tweeted just 6 times, with her first tweet appearing just yesterday. Her profile links to Followers Delivery.

Aside from her tweet promoting The Ed Show, at least three of her tweets are identical to tweets published by other Twitter users:

Goblinbooks, a liberal blogger, says “I’m no fan of Drudge or the Freepers, but it may be time for these shows to comment on the matter. Something is happening.”

The Maddow show said yesterday that the show and its producers are not responsible. That doesn’t preclude the possibility that someone else at MSNBC is responsible.