You tried that already, remember? That liberal “Coffee Party” movement was brewing a few years back, but it must have cooled off pretty quickly to have been forgotten completely.

Sure, after several high-profile losses last year — Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Dan Liljenquist in Utah and Allen West in Florida — one could be forgiven for thinking the Tea Party’s influence has waned as well. Author Terry McMillan, however, thinks the Tea Party is stronger than ever, and she’s not happy about it.

Agreed, although we’d add the president to that category as well. Unlike Chris Rock, we don’t consider Obama our boss or the “dad of the country.”

It is no way to run a country. Wait, who’s running it again?

We can’t say we were expecting a pep talk from McMillan today, but if the Tea Party has her feeling powerless despite the results of last November’s elections, we’re fired up and ready to get back to work.