According to Fox News 11, MacKay posted a Facebook message several hours before the shooting “telling friends he ‘was up there.’ The response from fellow officers: ‘Watch your six,’ Referring to the blind spot behind him.”

According to the San Bernadino Sun, MacKay, was quoted several days ago in an Associated Press article: “This one you just never know if the guy’s going to pop out, or where he’s going to pop out,” he said. “We’re hoping this comes to a close without more casualties. The best thing would be for him to give up.”

Kristina Hernandez , a reporter for the Redlands Daily Facts, is talking to neighbors about MacKay:

MacKay’s two children will now grow up without their brave father, thanks to cop-killer Christopher Dorner.

A Facebook page honoring MacKay has been set up here.

A second deputy, Alex Collins. was injured in the Big Bear shootout. He is currently receiving care at Loma Linda University Medical Center and is expected to survive.