Not. Appropriate.

We’re not sure why this tweet was re-discovered today, or why most Twitter users don’t seem to understand that the tweet appeared more than two years ago.

In response to the outrage, Carl’s Jr. profusely apologized posted a smiley-faced response noting that the tweet in question was published in November 2010:

Carl’s Jr. also stated that the tweet was not the result of a hacking:

Regardless of when it was published, the tweet is still inappropriate and today’s flippant response didn’t help matters.

Just out of curiosity, did Carl’s Jr. ever apologize. If not, why not?

Miley Cyrus apparently didn’t hold the tweet in question against Carl’s Jr. On April 8, 2012, more than a year after the creepy Carl’s Jr. tweet appeared, she tweeted the following photo of herself sniffing a Carl’s Jr. bag with the caption: “I can’t eat it.  So I’m just gonna smell the shi******** out of it!  My mouth is LITERALLY watering.”

Miley Cyrus