” There’s enough gun violence in [Django Unchained] to make the movie Scarface look like a Disney adventure.”

–Huffington Post movie critic Leslie Sisman

* * *

“this season’s bloodiest movie…”

–Chiderah Monde, New York Daily News

“Django Unchained” is classic Quentin Tarantino: blood, guns, and violence:


None of which seems to bother gun control advocate / pacifist Michael Moore one bit:

Is violence acceptable if the victims are evil white people?

Some people seem to think so.


It’s a line of thinking with which Moore seems to agree:

Guns … they are so cool! That is, if they’re used in a Michael Moore-approved way.

As we wrote last month, we’re not saying that violent films and video games are to blame for the mass shooting that took place in Newtown, Conn.

[W]e know who pulled the trigger there, and it wasn’t director Quentin Tarantino or the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

If we are going to have a national conversation on guns, though, can we at least ask why those in Hollywood who are so appalled by them can’t seem to find a movie prop they love more?