Well played, Senate Republicans. Almost all of you voted for the crap sandwich (which includes higher taxes) and this is how the White House intends to reward you for your cooperation.

Update: More gloating from the Left:

I never thought I’d see the Republican party – overwhelmingly in the Senate – actually vote for a tax increase on anyone, let alone the rich. Sure, I would rather the thresholds be set at $250,000 instead of $400,000 and $450,000 but you pass what can pass now. We simply do not have a parliamentary majority to pass the legislation liberals would get in an ideal world.

We’ve certainly seen a template set here by the right, that no matter the outcome of a national election, never mind that their chosen candidate has yet again lost the popular vote by a margin of several million votes (over 5 million and counting), they remain wedded to their ideology and party over any sense of patriotism or civic duty. While I believe in strong progressivism, that is a bridge too far for any movement to cross.

But Obama and Biden got the GOP to vote for tax increases. Not perfect by any stretch, but a step forward.