As Twitchy noted last night, Trig Truther Andrew Sullivan joined the bandwagon of liberals sanctimoniously lecturing conservatives about Hillary Clinton’s blood clot.

Sullivan, who said yesterday he is still waiting for Sarah Palin’s medical records, apparently considers himself an expert in neurology as well as obstetrics. He stated that it is “perverse” to suggest that someone could be admitted to a hospital for a blood clot without an earlier concussion.

But Aaron Dumont, director of cerebrovascular surgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, isn’t on board with the Sully theory of blood clots. Dr. Dumont told the Washington Post there is probably no link between Clinton’s blood clot and the fainting spell that caused her concussion.

Head trauma can cause blood in a venous sinus to clot, but it almost always has to be severe enough to cause a skull fracture, said Aaron S. Dumont, director of cerebrovascular surgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

“It’s probably a coincidence,” he said of Clinton’s fainting spell and the clot.

We’d ask Sullivan for comment, but he’s probably still very busy hunting down proof that Sarah Palin’s son Trig isn’t hers.