As Twitchy reported earlier today, many gun control advocates are attacking the National Rifle Association in the wake of yesterday’s shootings in Webster, NY.

Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., weighed in on the shooting as well, saying we “must wake up.”

But some tweeters wondered what exactly Murdoch wants:

Is Murdoch’s point that the shooter, who was in prison for 17 years (from 1981 to 1998), should not have been released? That seems like a good idea in retrospect, but probably was not as obvious at the time he was let go. In any case, the criminal justice system cannot imprison criminals after they have finished serving their sentences.

Or is Murdoch’s point that the Webster, NY, shootings underscore the need for stricter gun control —  a cause that he has embraced repeatedly in the past?

The shooter, William Spengler, was a convicted felon. As such he was not legally permitted to possess a gun. Would stricter gun control laws have prevented Spengler from obtaining a firearm? If so, how?