The “real reporters” of the MSM may pooh-pooh the attendance at President Romney’s massive rallies, but they were very impressed with the turnout at President Obama’s rally in Milwaukee yesterday:

“The President addressed a crowd of around 20,000 people at the Delta Center in downtown Milwaukee.”

Local ABC affiliate WXOW

* * *

“20,000-Plus Turn Out for Obama Rally with Katy Perry in Milwaukee”

The Hollywood Reporter

* * *

“With help from pop sensation Katy Perry, President Barack Obama drew 20,000 people Saturday as he trumpeted his accomplishments in office and urged people not only to vote, but to volunteer in the closing days before the election.”

The Chicago Tribune

* * *

ABC News’ Jake Tapper:

Just one problem: As Ben Shapiro notes at, the Delta Airlines Center (where the rally was held) has a capacity of only 12,580.

Like David Limbaugh says, this is what we’ve come to expect from the MSM.