Another day, another ridiculous lefty attack on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Romney held a massive rally in Bucks County, Pa., this afternoon. Tens of thousands of supporters braved the cold to show their support. It was around 40 degrees and windy, so a small number of attendees (some with sick kids) decided they would like to leave early. To the consternation of the cold Romney supporters who wanted to leave, security personnel (both campaign volunteers and at least one Secret Service agent) not to immediately allow people to exit. At this point, it is still unclear why the decision to delay exits was made.

Two reporters — USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich and the New York Times’ Ashley Parker — tweeted about it:

Of course, liberals couldn’t resist twisting the truth about what happened. Almost immediately, they claimed that the brief delay was tantamount to false imprisonment:

Next, they insinuated that those responsible were Romney campaign staffers who were motivated by political considerations.

Kucinich stated it wasn’t just campaign volunteers who made these decisions but also the Secret Service. Moreover, per Parker, the delay was a result of security concerns “not [because] of a Romney staff decision.”

To her credit, Kucinich even corrected a Twitter user who lied about what happened:

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The unemployment rate is 7.9 percent, the national debt is $16 trillion, and four Americans were murdered in Benghazi. But with 28 hours to go before Election Day begins, this is the “story” liberals want to talk about: