The accusation was made in response to Romney supporter @Jayne720’s tweet:

Twitchy has reported on riot threats (most recently here). But @Jayne720 didn’t say anything about race, and neither did we.

No one has questioned the accuracy of our reporting. No one has come forward with similar tweets posted by Romney supporters.

Our finding — nearly two dozen tweets posted on a single day threatening to riot if Barack Obama loses to Mitt Romney on Tuesday — was newsworthy and timely. We are honored that The Drudge Report chose to link to it.

In our post, we included every riot tweet we could find that was posted on Friday, November 2nd. We did not exclude any tweets based on race.

It sounds to us like Walsh is suggesting that we should ignore riot threats (and perhaps assassination threats, too?) if they come primarily from “anonymous” African Americans. In other words, we should hold non-famous black people to a lower standard than we expect from famous people or white people.

Who, then, is the racist?

Note also what Walsh chooses to be upset about — not the fact that dozens of people are threatening to riot if Obama loses, but the fact that Twitchy reported the threats.

Update: Walsh now appears to endorse the absurd argument that the tweeters featured in our post were part of a Romney “false flag” operation designed to make Obama supporters look bad.