The Tea Party News Network — a new conservative website that got written up by Politico the other day — has announced that it is endorsing neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney for President:

WASHINGTON D.C.– The Tea Party News Network (TPNN) today announced its editorial endorsement for the 2012 presidential race: None of the above.

“We have watched the candidates closely over the past year and are convinced that four more years of an Obama presidency would be disastrous for this country’s economy and for the cause of small government,” Todd Cefaratti, editor of the Tea Party News Network, said today. “We considered an endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney, but concluded that his record raises too many questions about the level of his commitment to conservative principles and limited government. The Tea Party has been burned too many times by Washington politicians who promise change but don’t deliver once elected. As the voice of Tea Party conservatives across America, we are not comfortable endorsing either major party candidate this year based solely upon hopeful rhetoric. Our approach echoes Ronald Reagan’s advice on the Soviet Union: ‘Trust but Verify.’”

TPNN’s non-endorsement didn’t go over well on Twitter: