Most Twitter users are outraged by the poor performance of the NFL’s replacement referees. A few Twitter users, however, defended the NFL’s decision to replace the “real” referees. These Twitter users believe the referee union’s demand for a defined-benefit retirement plan (a pension) for part-time employees is not reasonable.

One fan wrote a letter to the Boston Herald:

The refs’ union is dreaming if they think they will maintain or increase their pension plan. No other industry has new pension plans, and old pension plans have been being phased out for the past 30 years in place of 401(k) plans. Pension plans are a thing of the past! So if that is the big stumbling block, we will have scab refs for a long time or until the real refs come back to reality.

Others spoke out on Twitter:

But the locked-out refs now find themselves in a strong bargaining position and are unlikely to give in:

A solution?

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