As Twitchy reported this morning, some liberals are attributing false quotes to Mitt and Ann Romney portraying them as elitist, racist, and out of touch with ordinary Americans.

The latest smear: Mitt Romney called Martin Luther King Day “irrelevant” and wants to eliminate it:

Notice that none of these Twitter users provide a link or citation — you know, the sort of thing that would allow someone to verify that what they are claiming is not fiction.

If any of these folks had taken the trouble to do a straightforward Google search, they would have come to the same conclusion that Twitchy did, i.e., that the alleged Romney quotes are fabricated.

When a presidential candidate has said something negative about Martin Luther King Jr. or Martin Luther King Day, mainstream media outlets write about it.

The fact is that Romney admires Dr. King, as this ABC News article makes clear:

ABC News’ Matt Stuart: Republican candidate Mitt Romney was at Gate Petrolium in Jacksonville, FL Monday, speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and said that King was able to “fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence” and that “in some places today, it is still yet to be fulfilled.

“Sometime you think problems are huge and they’re beyond the scope of anyone’s ability to deal with them, but an individual of passion and courage and faith and character can help change an entire nation, as he did,” Romney said.


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