Huffington Post blogger Chez Pezienza writes about the Jason Biggs controversy here. He serves up mild criticism of Nickelodeon and Biggs but reserves his strongest criticism for Biggs’ critics:

[T]he outrage coming from the right on this remains breathtakingly disingenuous, given that at the same time [Twitchy CEO Michelle] Malkin was filing internet stories about how unacceptable Biggs’s comments were, Ann Coulter was tweeting that Bill Clinton had impregnated Sandra Fluke backstage at the Democratic National Convention and Erick Erickson was taking fire for calling the DNC “The Vagina Monologues.” Add to that the fact that people like Malkin and Megyn Kelly were quick to rush to the defense of Rush Limbaugh, or at the very least make excuses for him, when he called Fluke a slut, and the sudden drawing of a line in the sand becomes an act of almost comical hypocrisy.

The same people who are now taking very public offense to a really vulgar joke made by an actor, calling him vile and a misogynist, didn’t bat an eye when a self-appointed pundit who has a rapt audience of millions and a stranglehold on GOP politics berated and sexually demeaned an average citizen day after day on his national radio show. It’s almost farcical to hear the conservative media go on the attack with smarmy cracks like, “Stay classy, liberals,” when they were such willing participants in the organized covering of Limbaugh’s prodigious ass.

Pezienza’s argument apparently makes perfect sense to Biggs’ wife — see her all-caps thank you tweet above — but that doesn’t mean it makes sense to anyone else.

Limbaugh, Erickson, and Coulter are talking to adults.  Nickelodeon, by contrast, is a kid’s television network. A higher standard of decency should apply to Nickelodeon and its actors.

Moreover, there is a qualitative difference in the language used. Calling someone a slut or comparing the DNC to The Vagina Monologues is not even remotely comparable to openly fantasizing about sexually assaulting the wife of a vice presidential candidate in the anus.

If Pezienza is concerned about hypocrisy, he would do well to talk to the left-wing bloggers who called on advertisers to boycott Limbaugh. To our knowledge, not a single one of them has called out Biggs for his misogyny.

By the way, was it really necessary for Pezienza to refer to Megyn Kelly, a respected journalist, as “an extravagantly groomed chihuahua”? His bias is showing, loud and clear.

Update: Phillip notes another key difference between Limbaugh and Biggs:


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