As Twitchy reported, there was a shooting at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County, Md., yesterday. The gunman — fellow students say it was a troubled 15-year old sophomore named Bobby Gladden but this has not yet been confirmed by police — allegedly shot Daniel Borowy, a 17-year old boy with Down Syndrome.  Borowy is reportedly in critical condition.

This photo has been circulating on social media sites:

Twitchy has been unable to determine the source of the photo. The boy in police custody (presumably the alleged gunman) looks like Bobby Gladden.

According to multiple reports from students on Twitter and other social media sites,  the suspected shooter was not aiming at Borowy. Rather, he reportedly intended to shoot several students who had been taunting him in the school cafeteria.

One of the apparent targets — a Perry Hall student whose Twitter handle is @TrippyTil_I_Die — said that his friend threw a wad of paper at the shooting suspect just prior to the shootings:

According to this student, the alleged gunman exited the cafeteria after the verbal exchange above and walked to a bathroom. The student and his friend followed him. The alleged shooter emerged from the bathroom with a  sawed-off shotgun.

Based on the above, it appears that the alleged gunman intended to discharge his shotgun, but missed his intended target.

The student  is emphatic that he and his buddies are not to blame for the shooting:

The student’s friend confirms that he and his buddies were hassling the alleged gunman prior to the shooting, and that he and his friends were the intended targets:

According to numerous Twitter reports, the three targeted students were taken into police custody after the shooting for questioning.  All have reportedly been released.

MSM outlets are not reporting the name of the suspected shooter because he is a minor and has not yet been charged with a crime. Twitchy believes it is pointless to try to suppress Gladden’s name and photo, since they are all over Twitter and other social media outlets. Nor do not see any point in trying to suppress the name of the shooting victim, Daniel Borowy, or the heroic guidance counselor, Jesse Wasmer, who subdued the alleged gunman. All three names are being widely circulated on Twitter.

The two students cited above — @TrippyTil_I_Die  and @RyanGittings — are not suspected of a crime. We are simply quoting information that they themselves published on Twitter. This information is already available to anyone with Internet access and a web browser. We do not believe we have an ethical obligation to shield our readers from newsworthy information that these individuals posted to a public forum.