Furrer posted that tweet just after anti-hunting activists began their vicious attacks on Corey Cogdell — a story brought to you exclusively by Twitchy.

Since the controversy began, Furrer has not tweeted a single word in support of Cogdell.

Fortunately, many Americans have stepped up to the plate to voice their support for a U.S. Olympic shooter facing unhinged death wishes.


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Update:  Furrer has deleted the tweet featured at the top of this post and stated unequivocally that she stands by Cogdell:

It sounds like Furrer may have received threatening messages from anti-hunting activists. We have asked her for clarification and will update if/when we hear back.



Update: Gold medal winner Kim Rhode, who was sharing a root beer with Cogdell this afternoon, retweeted Furrer’s supportive tweets.

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