More from Public Policy Polling about tomorrow’s run-off between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz for a U.S. Senate seat:

[T]his is a story of surrogates and quite possibly a deep repudiation of Rick Perry. By a 31/24 margin voters say they’re more likely to vote for a candidate backed by Sarah Palin, who gave her support to Cruz. Only 16% of voters though say they’re more likely to support a candidate endorsed by Perry, as Dewhurst was, to 35% who consider it a negative. That’s indicative of Perry’s diminished political standing in Texas after his failed Presidential bid, and if Cruz really does end up winning big on Tuesday it raises questions about whether he would be able to survive a strong Republican primary challenge in 2014. In April we found him leading AG Greg Abbott 50-34 in a hypothetical GOP contest, weak numbers for someone who’s been Governor for over a decade.

Some Twitter users agree:

Quite a comedown for a politician who at one point last fall was leading the field for the Republican presidential nomination.