Uh oh, Cher is pissed. Again.

The odd thing is, entertainment reporter Shaun Kitchener has no idea what he did to make Cher so angry:



Apparently, Kitchener got his facts wrong last week in a story about 18-year old U.K. pop sensation Cher Lloyd. Perhaps the elder Cher misunderstood?

Update: Cher reveals the reason she is so angry. It’s this thinly-sourced article by Kitchener dated March 22, 2012:

A source tells the National Enquirer that the iconic ‘Believe’ singer, working on her first studio album in over ten years, would have “moved mountains” to have the ‘Someone Like You’ hitmaker contribute to her new LP, but the star has completely ignored all contact.

“Cher would have moved mountains to get Adele to write her a song or just sing a chorus on her album, but Adele wouldn’t even return her calls,” the insider alleges, adding that Cher “is acting as if she doesn’t care about Adele’s rejection, but deep down she’s absolutely fuming!