Gov. Perry links to a Hollywood Reporter article that says the movie, 2016: Obama’s America, performed well on its first weekend:

An anti-Obama documentary featuring an interview with the president’s half brother opened in a single theater in Texas over the weekend and, despite alleged complaints from some consumers who were upset with the film’s content, it grossed an estimated $31,750, a strong showing for any independent release.

The film, 2016: Obama’s America, based on conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage, had a free, promotional screening at Edwards Houston Marq’E Stadium 23 & Imax on Thursday. Management had planned to show it in one of its medium-sized auditoriums, but bumped it to one the multiplex’s largest rooms and turned away 200 people.

Sources say some moviegoers sat in the aisles Thursday and waited as much as 90 minutes to meet D’Souza and Gerald Molen, one of the Oscar-winning producers of Schindler’s List, who was a co-producer of 2016 along with Doug Sain. For some of its regular showings over the weekend, the theater offered 2016 on multiple screens, including three sold-out auditoriums for the 7 p.m. Friday showing.

The interview with Obama’s half brother, George Obama, is likely to be one of the most-discussed parts of the film. According to Paul Kengor at The American Thinker:

[M]ost interesting is what D’Souza heard from George Obama when it came to African colonialism.  Here, too, George had no hard feelings at all.  To the contrary, Obama’s brother blamed not Africa’s European forebears for the continent’s struggles, but instead — in a deliciously politically incorrect sentiment unbefitting of an Obama — native Africans themselves.  George Obama told D’Souza that Kenya’s colonial experience is not responsible for the poverty and economic struggles there.  In the film, George compares Kenya to South Korea and even South Africa.  When it comes to Kenya’s economic development, Obama’s brother insists that it would have been better for Kenya “if the whites had stayed longer.’

Here’s a movie trailer: