We can’t tell you what Joe Williams has been tweeting, because two weeks ago, he locked his Twitter account. But judging from FishbowlDC’s tweets, the former Politico White House correspondent is not at all happy tonight.

It started when FishbowlDC reported earlier today that Wiliams plead guilty in May to assaulting his ex-wife:

It turns out there’s another side to Joe Williams, the White House Correspondent and former college football player who recently parted ways with Politico. On May 24 of this year, he plead guilty to second degree assault against his ex-wife, paid a $200 fine and received six months of probation. His probation ends on November 24, 2012. Other charges he plead out include disorderly conduct and affray (i.e. a public order offense that consists of fighting in a public place). His ex-wife, author Amy Alexander, obtained a year long court order against him that began in February, 2012. The pair has two children whom he regularly sees. According to Silver Spring court documents obtained by FishbowlDC, Williams is to abide by the following:

That was followed by an trio of tweet “memos” from FishbowlDC, apparently prompted by Williams’ tweets:

Williams recently left Politico after Breitbart media watchdog John Nolte smoked him out for tweeting vulgar slurs against the Romneys.