That’s what pop princess Katy Perry tweeted yesterday after the following anti-Katy Perry tweets appeared yesterday in the Twitter feed of actor Drake Bell:

Whoever was posting at Bell’s account yesterday also slammed Bell’s former employer, Nickelodeon:

This morning, Bell announced that he’s the victim of a hacking:

He’s actually a Katy Perry fan:

But in the course of defending himself against Perry, Bell tweeted this:

Oh no he didn’t. But, yes, he did.

Now Katy Perry and Nickelodeon are the least of Bell’s concerns:

Exit question: Between Justin Bieber’s 24 million followers and Katy Perry’s 22 million followers, is there anyone on Twitter who isn’t mad at Drake Bell today?


Bell has deleted the anti-Katy Perry tweets from his account.

YouTube star Shane Dawson goes to bat for Bell:

“Drake Bell”  and “#DrakestersLoveDrakeBell” were both trending earlier today:

No matter how bad it gets, Drake always prevails in the end. Just ask Josh.