The presidential campaign of 2012 played out on Twitter today as supporters of President Barack Obama and former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney waged an online battle of brevity via the hashtags #RomneyInTwoWords and #ObamaInTwoWords.

As best as we can tell, the skirmish started this afternoon when Obama supporters mocked Romney via the hashtag #RomneyInTwoWords:

It was a valiant effort, but it didn’t take long before Romney supporters were able to partially hijack the hashtag for their own purposes:

Better yet, Romney supporters started their own hashtag, #ObamaInTwoWords:

As of this writing, #ObamaInTwoWords is a trending topic in the United States, whereas #RomneyInTwoWords is not. Advantage: Romney.

Today’s victory for pro-Romney forces demonstrates yet again that Twitter, unlike many social media sites, is a forum in which Republicans can at least hold their own.