Did Eliza Dushku just notice there was a recall election in Wisconsin last week?

Ah, research. The kind that turns up Mother Jones articles about “dark money” and the tyranny of the Kochtopus? Yeah, we figured as much.

Note the scare quotes around “democracy.”

The people of Wisconsin spoke not once, but twice, and both times they voted for Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. But since Dushku didn’t like the results, we have a dented “democracy.”


For Dushku, the ideal American political system is two progressives and a RethugliKKKan voting on what to eat for dinner. Shocker: Scott Walker is the only item on the menu.

Well, sorry, Eliza. That’s not how we do dinner here in America.

This isn’t the first time Dushku has used her Twitter account to parrot progressive talking points.

We wonder if she did “research” on that one too.