Florida Congressman Bill Posey was a victim earlier this week, but he isn’t the only one. Dubious fat-loss tweets are being published on Twitter every minute of every day. It appears that thousands of innocent Twitter users’ accounts have been compromised.

And that’s probably not the worst of it. The tweets appear to contain links to “channelnewsnow.com” or “channelinfonews.com.”  Twitchy believes these links take the user to a site that contains some kind of malware. Anyone who clicks on the links may be at risk of downloading a virus onto his or her computer.

Here’s just a tiny sample of the dubious fat-loss tweets:




This appears to be a major security breach. What can Twitter users do to protect themselves? Is Twitter doing anything about it?

Twitter’s safety page hasn’t been updated in more than two weeks, but these anti-phishing tips probably are relevant and helpful: