Yep, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has tied the knot with his college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan. According to AP, wedding guests “thought they were coming to celebrate Chan’s graduation [from U.C. San Francisco medical school] but were told after they arrived that the event was in fact a wedding.” PUNK’D!

Naturally, Twitter had quite a bit to say about all this. (Twitter has quite a bit to say about everything.)

First off, there was near-universal agreement that the couple’s wedding photo sucks:!/sassylassee/status/204156559121584128!/mervynchan/status/204157828984877056!/babysmurf/status/204031169522704384

From Chan’s Facebook page, a happier photo:

Naturally, there was faux concern about Zuckerberg’s financial security:!/LaHaq/status/204058867942948865!/_brandoc/status/204023866476072961!/causticbob/status/204164822424756224

Remember, if Zuckerberg loses half his fortune he will be worth only $10 billion. With gas at $4/gallon, nobody can live on that!

As you might expect, Twitter had quite a bit to say about the ethnicity of Zuckerberg’s bride.!/Smurfie_sa/status/204136156105949184!/ellePSNStores/status/204080064021794816!/Paulsy01/status/204063026356301826

And on and on:!/timcarvell/status/204024611824873472!/macleanbrendan/status/204153303217614848!/cshimm/status/204047522946232320

Well, you get the idea.

All in all, it was a great week for Mr. Zuckerberg. Congratulations!!/Melody_Hossaini/status/204156243827359744!/rodriguezruby/status/204046130751873024