Palestinians are protesting in Ofer (south of Haifa) to show their solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who have been complaining about prison conditions.

Today is Nakba Day, also known as “day of disaster” or “day of the catastrophe.” It commemorates the Israeli Declaration of Independence 64 years ago, in 1948.  Supporters of Palestinians are using the hashtag #Nakba64 to mark the day.

Ironically, most of the Palestinian prisoners reportedly ended their mass hunger strike yesterday. A spokeswoman for the Israel Prisons Service told Al Arabiya News that an agreement had been reached with prisoners who had been refusing food “for 28 days.”

Nevertheless, the streets of Ofer are filled with more than 1,000 Palestinian protesters right now. MSM coverage is virtually non-existent, but journalist Joseph Dana is on the ground, live-tweeting:!/ibnezra/status/202350590880260096!/ibnezra/status/202347331008479232!/ibnezra/status/202346988082167809!/ibnezra/status/202345242429636610!/ibnezra/status/202339789977030656!/ibnezra/status/202341441685557248!/ibnezra/status/202340152046133248!/ibnezra/status/202338498047520770