Twitchy downloaded the “clean” version of Minaj’s Starships single from iTunes the other day. Inexplicably, the song is not auto-tuned (or was auto-tuned poorly).  And guess what? The woman cannot sing. And guess what else? We’re not the only ones who know this:!/kchelly/status/199876819908964353!/Corto_y_Dulce/status/199979448538365952

Nevertheless, Minaj is a global sensation. Following in the footsteps of talentless celebrities before her, she may be appearing in a sex tape:

Our source tells us that the man who is in the alleged sex tape with Nicki Minaj is none other than G.O.O.D. Music rapper, Big Sean! In the words of Big Sean, “Hold up Hold up, whoa there, let’s capture this moment.”

The two allegedly slept together right around the time they shot the music video for Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” remix, and the whole thing was caught on tape. Our source tells us that Big Sean has possession of the video, and whether Nicki is aware that the alleged romp in the sack was filmed is unknown.

As you might expect, Twitter is all a’twitter:!/John_Starkk/status/200417647580545025!/DjChipInTheMorn/status/200535164990922756!/_itswhatevahoe/status/200531801557573632